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Armenian Missionary Association Of Australia and Armenian Missionary Association Of America Jointly Support the Higher Education of Father Ardag of The Holy Sea Of Cilicia

Upon the request of His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Holy Sea of Cilicia, the Armenian Missionary Association of Australia (AMA-Australia) has committed to provide the means and to fully sponsor a young cleric, Father Ardag (George Arabian) for his advanced theological training at Charles Sturt University’s School of Theology, the United Theological College in Sydney. Fr. Ardag commenced his training in March 2019 and will graduate by the end of 2020 with a Master of Theology after writing his dissertation.

Education in general has illuminated the minds and souls of all the children of our nation without denominational, social or political discrimination. Being aware of the vital importance of education, it is the legacy of the Armenian Evangelical Church and the Church’s missionary arm, the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMA-America), which well identifies Armenian Evangelicals throughout their 173-year history, that seminary education is essential for those, who have the calling to serve God in particular. Moreover, beyond the dissemination of the Word of God, education brands the Armenian Missionary Association of America’s global service.

We are grateful that the AMA-America has joined our efforts of sponsoring Father Ardag’s education by providing the whole tuition, which is 1/3 of the total cost of this project. AMA-Australia, with the support of the Australian Armenian Community, will cover the remaining 2/3, which includes all other expenses such as fees, accommodations, cost of living, books, travel and medical costs.

Our prayers are with Father Ardag in his studies and training to serve God wherever He leads him.

Armenian Missionary Association of Australia Raises $35,000 For “Shogh” Day Centers in Armenia and Artsakh

Rev. Dr. Krikor Youmshajekian, AMA-Australia President

The Armenian Missionary Association of Australia (AMA-Australia) set a goal in 2019 to raise funds to support AMAA’s “Shogh” Educational Day Centers in Armenia and Artsakh, which provide provisional services for underprivileged children. The Centers, located in Gyumri, Vanadzor and Yerevan in Armenia and Askeran and Shushi in Artsakh, support children 6-12 years old who are living in socially underserved families, providing them a safe environment during parents’ working hours. The main objectives of the Centers are to help these children overcome educational difficulties, grow personally, and become part of an educated and healthy society. AMAA Representative in Armenia Harout Nercessian was invited to Australia to share this important work done with the children in these Centers and in their communities.

On Sunday March 24, Mr. Nercessian spoke at St. Andrew’s Uniting Church of Longueville to a combined Worship Service with Lane Cove Uniting Church, where he delivered the message and made a presentation about the Association’s work in Armenia and Artsakh. A Lawn Bowls Fundraising event followed the Worship Service at the Longueville Sports Club. This unique event was the first in a series of events organized for this year’s AMA-Australia Week, which was well attended by young people and enjoyed by all.

Zela Margossian Quintet (ARIA Nominated)

Later that afternoon, a cultural event was held at Longueville St. Andrew’s Uniting Church, featuring the Zela Margossian Quintet. Their amazing ethno-jazz performance with a taste of Armenian traditional music was greatly appreciated by all. The group donated all proceeds from the Concert to the “Shogh” Educational Day Centers. The opening of a Photography Exhibition followed the Concert in the Church’s War Memorial Hall, where Raffi Elejian, a new arrival from Aleppo, Syria, exhibited his photos. The Exhibition was opened by the Past President of Uniting Church of Australia (UCA), Stuart McMillan and was open throughout the following week.

On Tuesday, March 26, Manvel Saribekyan’s documentary movie Map of Salvation, about five young European Missionaries who were witnesses to the Armenian Genocide and subsequently founded shelters for Armenian children and women, was screened at St. Andrew’s Uniting Church War Memorial Hall.

Opera Singer, Natalie Aroyan (Sydney Opera House)

On Sunday, March 31, the AMA-Australia Sunday Worship and Praise Service was held at the Armenian Evangelical Church of Sydney in Willoughby. Many dignitaries, UCA clergy, politicians and representatives of Armenian organizations were present. The Service was led by Rev. Hagop Sarkissian, Church Minister. AMA-Australia President and Executive Director Rev. Dr. Krikor Youmshajekian offered the prayer and brought greetings on behalf of the Association. Mr. Nercessian brought the message based on Luke 12:13-21 The Parable of the Rich Fool. He also gave a report on the inspiring work that is done for our children in the “Shogh” Centers and the amazingly transforming impact that has been achieved in their lives and in their families, all for the glory of God. During the Service, talented and famous opera singer, Natalie Aroyan performed an aria by Pucini, accompanied by talented pianist Alex Sahagian. At the conclusion of the Service, UCA President Dr. Dierdre Palmer offered prayer, led the Lord’s Prayer Hyre Mer and gave the Benediction.

Harout Nercessian, AMAA Representative in Armenia

Following the Service, the AMA-Australia Annual Luncheon was held at St. Andrew’s Uniting Church War Memorial Hall. The Luncheon was well attended and included politicians and UCA leaders. All enjoyed the delicious food and the wonderful entertainment provided by the Lane Cove Delta Jazz Band, led by David Cant, a member of St. Andrew’s Uniting Church. Rev. Dr. Youmshajekian presented a brief audio-visual report about last year’s AMAA Centenary Fundraising for the Artsakh Kindergartens and the completion of the renovations. He made an appeal to continue their support to the AMAA’s projects, especially this year’s fundraising for the “Shogh” Day Centers, including the Sponsorship programs. Mr. Nercessian outlined the work done with disadvantaged children in these Centers. Some beautiful handicrafts, made by the children of “Shogh” Centers, and the bilingual New Testaments were available for purchase. With the generous donations of our supporters throughout the week-long activities, $35,000 Australian dollars net was raised for the “Shogh” Educational Day Centers in Armenia and Artsakh.

During his stay in Australia, Mr. Nercessian also spoke at the Armenian Evangelical Church Ladies Group Worship Service and visited the Armenian Day Schools of AGBU Alexander School and Hamazkaine Galstaun College.

Officially established in 1991 as an independent charitable organization and registered Incorporation in Australia, AMA-Australia is a sister Association of the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA). AMAA-Australia is the brainchild of the former AMAA Executive Director, the late Rev. Dr. Movses Janbazian, who unfortunately didn’t see its fruition. It pursues the same aims as the AMAA, serving the religious, educational and social needs of Armenian communities in the Homeland and Diaspora.

AMA-Australia Renovates the Playground of Choratan, a Border Village in Armenia

September 25, 2015 was a festive day for Choratan Village in Tavush Region of the Republic of Armenia. It marked the dedication ceremony of the Village Kindergarten playground which was completely renovated by a generous donation from the Armenian Missionary Association of Australia. The old playground, which was an abandoned area on the Kindergarten grounds, now has green areas, benches, swings and play stations for the children to enjoy.

For the dedication service present were Harout Nercessian, AMAA Representative in Armenia, Lusine Ohanyan, the Coordinator of the External Relations of the AMA-Armenia, representatives of AMA-Australia lead by the President/Executive Rev. Dr. Krikor Youmshajekian, The Mayor and many other representatives of the Tavush Region who were present at the dedication ceremony, expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the renovation of this playground, which was a necessity for the children of the Kindergarten and of Choratan village at large, and once again reaffirmed that over the past years AMAA has generously contributed for the well-being of the people of the border villages, and specially of the children.

Rev. Dr. Krikor Youmshajekian and Kakig Melikian, RA Parliamentary Representative of Tavush Region, along with the children of the Kindergarten cut the ribbon of the opening of the Playground, after which the guests toured the playground and expressed their gratitude to the representatives of the AMA-Australia for their patriotic work. The mayor of Choratan Village Varuzhan Baghmanyan presented special certificates of gratitude to the Harout Nercessian, Rev. Dr. Krikor Youmshajekian and to the representatives of the AMA-Australia. The opening ceremony concluded with a special program presented by the students of Choratan Kindergarten.

AMAA’s Two Artsakh KGs Renovated and Furnished

Funded by the Armenian Missionary Association of Australia, the AMAA’s Hagop and Lydia Baghdikian Kindergarten in Stepanakert and Rev. Dr. Movses Janbazian Kindergarten in Martakert were renovated and furnished in late 2018.

The one-story Janbazian KG in Martakert is designed to accommodate 70 children. It now has an adequate heating system, new windows and doors, and bathrooms. Interior and exterior projects have also been implemented. The Kindergarten also has new furniture which helps provide up to date educational conditions for the children of Martakert.

The Baghdikian KG in Stepanakert is a two-story building which houses 120 children. The fences were renovated, the grounds were asphalted, and some renovation work was done inside the KG building.

The Baghdikian KG in Stepanakert is a two-story building which houses 120 children. The fences were renovated, the grounds were asphalted, and some renovation work was done inside the KG building.

The AMAA Artsakh Kindergartens distinguish themselves from other programs by the tender loving care that the children receive. Driven by the love of Christ, the staff and teachers of the AMAA KG’s love and provide caring attention to the needs of each and every child.

AMAA ensures that all its Kindergartens provide the best education possible. Teachers are provided with training, supervision and materials to help them effectively teach and educate.

Representatives of AMA-Australia plan to visit both KGs in May 2019.