About Us

The Armenian Missionary Association of Australia, as a District Committee, pursues the same aims as the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA), which are the religious and spiritual awakening, the physical growth and the well-being of Armenians all over the world, so that they may stand firmly in the faith of their fathers. The Association publicises the needs of Armenia and the Armenian people, seeking their moral and financial support for the AMAA’s mission in general and Armenia projects.The idea of having a District Committee in Australia was conceived by the AMAA late Executive Director, Rev. Dr. Moses Janbazian during his visit to Sydney in 1999. That was the dream of a visionary man, who worked tirelessly as the Executive Director of the Armenian Missionary Association from 1981 – 2000. On March 11, 2001, Mr. Andy Torigian, the AMAA President at the time, officially launched the Armenian Missionary Association of Australia, Inc., during AMA-Australia’s first Annual Banquet.AMA-Australia is recognised as an independent charitable organization. However, it is closely affiliated to and cooperates with the Armenian Evangelical Church of Sydney.The Association is led by the President, Rev. Dr Krikor Youmoushakian for the last twenty years and the Board of Directors. The founding members in 2001 were six in number: Mr. Hovhannes Soghomonian, Chairman; Mr. Barkev Ishkhanian, Vice Chairman; Miss Arpi Giragossian, Secretary; Mrs. Lena Bomoushakian, Treasurer; Mrs. Lucy Aroyan, Vice Secretary, and Mr. Sevag Chalabian.During the years, the following have served as Board members: Nero Aroyan, Yerchan Giragossian, Maggie Ishkhanian, Asdghig Manoukian, Asdghig Natarian, Sossie Paproumian, Araxie Soghomonian, Thomas Thomassian, and Vahe Thomassian. All the previous and current members have served voluntarily, comprising an important role in the development of the Association from a simple start to a well organised and productive Association, seeking the support of many friends to provide the need of our fellow Armenians around the world and especially in Armenia and the Middle East.AMA-Australia has embarked on journey of mission and adopted many projects during the last twenty years. The main projects of the Association since its formation are the Child Scholarship Program to needy children in Armenia, Education Sponsorship Program for needy students in Lebanon and Syria, Relief Aid to Armenia, and in the last few years especially for Syria. AMA-Australia has also responded to disaster appeals, such as tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, and bushfires. The association also supports missions in Armenia and the Middle East, responding positively to financial appeals, such as churches in Lebanon needing to pay their minister, refurbishment of camp sites in Armenia, school playgrounds, school laboratories, school halls, providing computers, bible study literature, and much more.

Above Photo: Pictured at center – Datevig Sarmazian Youmshajekian, Louisa Youmshajekian Janbazian, the late Rev. Dr. Moses Janbazian & Rev. Dr. Krikor Youmshajekian

Board of Directors

  • Rev. Dr. Krikor Youmshajekian, President/CEO
  • Avo Soghomonian, Vice President
  • Varant Bomoushakian, Secretary
  • Elias Kehdi, M.D., Treasurer
  • Movses Injejikian
  • Marie Soghomonian