Emergency Appeal! The People of Artsakh Need You Now More Than Ever!

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Once again we are living in darkest days of our history as our beloved ARTSAKH is being depopulated by ethnic cleansing. Our displaced brothers and sisters, young and old, need our support more than ever, as they try to find refuge in Armenia.

The AMAA staff has been mobilised in Goris and the surrounding area to help the refugees providing them shelter, food and all necessities.

Please read the below from the AMAA Executive Director Mr. Zaven Khanjian and donate generously and help us to support our brothers and sisters, who are in need.

Dear Friends of the AMAA,

Today, we turned another page in the tragic history of our nation.

We lost Artsakh, the last bastion of historic Armenia.

What’s wrong with our nation?

What’s wrong with our people?

What’s wrong with Armenia?

I will stop the questions as I do not have any answers and am not seeking one right now.

We need to keep silent for a while and contemplate instead.

The heinous crime of starving people for 10 months and assault the hungry and powerless at the end is over. Some of the twenty-first century witnesses were on the ground. Most others poured sugar and rice from a distance.

Artsakh is depopulated. Artsakh is being evacuated.

Is being? No, Artsakh is evacuating itself with the help of the masters of cynicism, the Azeris.

Earlier, I spoke with Viktor Karapetyan, the AMAA Representative in Artsakh who called to say goodbye to his birthplace, his home, his office, his church and his mission.

I have always asked him to prioritize his and his family’s safety and security.

I had one request from him. I said, “Bring the keys with you”.

I will one day contemplate on that but today we want to collectively turn to God seeking mercy, compassion, wisdom, guidance and peace.

Along with anger, tears, shame, pain, indignation, fury, guilt and frustration, what we need is peace. God’s peace and redemption.

Zaven Khanjian, AMAA Executive Director/CEO
September 25, 2023
Glendale, CA

Pictured Above: Mass exodus today from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) as our Armenian compatriots, 120,000 in number, are unwillingly leaving their homeland, cleansed from their native land, and fleeing to Armenia to escape Azerbaijan’s brutality.

We ask you to please consider donating to help our Armenian Brothers and Sisters from Artsakh.

You can make your donations via PayPal by pressing the button below or EFT to our Bank Account:

Bank: Commonwealth
Account Name: Armenian Missionary Association of Australia
BSB Number: 062272
Account No.: 1009 3977

Accept our thanks in advance

God Bless,
Rev. Dr. Krikor Youmshajekian
AMA Australia President/CEO

You, Lord, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed, so that mere earthly mortals will never again strike terror. -Psalm 10:17-18

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