Armenian Missionary Association Of Australia and Armenian Missionary Association Of America Jointly Support the Higher Education of Father Ardag of The Holy Sea Of Cilicia

Amaaadmin/ May 21, 2020/ Cilicia, Education, News

Upon the request of His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Holy Sea of Cilicia, the Armenian Missionary Association of Australia (AMA-Australia) has committed to provide the means and to fully sponsor a young cleric, Father Ardag (George Arabian) for his advanced theological training at Charles Sturt University’s School of Theology, the United Theological College in Sydney. Fr. Ardag commenced his training in March 2019 and will graduate by the end of 2020 with a Master of Theology after writing his dissertation.

Education in general has illuminated the minds and souls of all the children of our nation without denominational, social or political discrimination. Being aware of the vital importance of education, it is the legacy of the Armenian Evangelical Church and the Church’s missionary arm, the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMA-America), which well identifies Armenian Evangelicals throughout their 173-year history, that seminary education is essential for those, who have the calling to serve God in particular. Moreover, beyond the dissemination of the Word of God, education brands the Armenian Missionary Association of America’s global service.

We are grateful that the AMA-America has joined our efforts of sponsoring Father Ardag’s education by providing the whole tuition, which is 1/3 of the total cost of this project. AMA-Australia, with the support of the Australian Armenian Community, will cover the remaining 2/3, which includes all other expenses such as fees, accommodations, cost of living, books, travel and medical costs.

Our prayers are with Father Ardag in his studies and training to serve God wherever He leads him.

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